Parking | Paramount Arts Center


Free parking is available in the lot adjacent to the Paramount Arts Center during designated time periods. This parking lot is not the property of the PAC. It is a privately-owned parking lot and the spaces are leased out by FIVCO during weekday business hours. Paramount patrons may access it only for evening and weekend events. Additional free parking is available in lots across 13th and 12th Streets, as well as street parking.

Handicapped Parking
Limited handicapped parking is available directly in front of the theatre and an additional space is located at the left side of the theatre.

Event attendees may enter through the front lobby doors or the back door on the left side, which enters directly into the theatre. Those entering through the front should alert a Volunteer Usher or your Lobby Door Volunteer, and he or she will call for an attendant to assist you into the theatre by use of the wheelchair lift. Those entering through the back door should alert the Security Volunteer at that entrance for assistance.