Renting the Paramount: Rates

Theater – Single Performance: $1,950

Banquet Hall: $475.00

Paranormal Investigations (4 hours): $500.00

Photo Shoots (per hour- M-F 9am-4pm): $100

What’s Included:
All theater rentals include basic house sound and lighting systems which consist of: PA, mixing console, two mixes from front of house and proscenium lighting. Additional equipment and services are available upon request.

Theater rental rates do not include technical or house staffing. Please contact Theresa Maddy by calling 606-324-0007 ext. 304 or by email for more information on technical, equipment or rental needs.

Insurance Requirements:
Please note: The Lessee is required to fully insure itself, its officers, directors, employees, agents and presentations, at its own expense.

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